“Over 50% of this year (2015) target economic immigrants would be met by the backlog from previous years and the remaining space would be filled by those invited through Express Entry.” (paraphrased) -Chris Alexander, Canadian immigration minister.
Since 2015, the economic applicant target is about 185,000 (total target is between 260,000 and 285,000 and 65% from previous year backlog is roughly 185,000), roughly 90,000 applicants would be invited via Express Entry system in 2015.   They invited roughly 8,000 applicants so far and we are in the 5th month. 8,000 out of 90,000 is roughly 10%. So based on that, one could say we are 10th of the way and have 90% yet to go. That’s one estimate.
However, we went through 8 draws; the minister said 15 to 25 draws would occur in this year. So we got 7 to 17 draws left, or we are 30-50% of the way there and have 50-70% to go looking at it another way. That’s the other estimate.
So while we don’t know how many are left, these are a couple of ways to try to predict or estimate what is happening. We can’t predict what’s coming, but we know that we must respond appropriately.
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