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OINP Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Update

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) expects that the employee will receive pay for hours worked according to the information provided by the employer. The OINP requires that an employer’s wage offer to a prospective nominee be described on the basis of the individual’s hourly wage expressed as either a) hourly pay and hours per year, or b) weekly pay and weeks per year. This allows the program to verify that prospective nominees will be appropriately remunerated.

Please note: The program does not consider remuneration by piece work, bonuses, commissions, vacation pay or non-financial compensation as comprising part of a prospective nominee’s offered wage.  An employer may offer a prospective nominee piece work, bonuses, commissions, vacation pay or non-financial compensation in addition to base pay. However, these will not be considered part of the prospective nominee’s hourly or weekly base pay. Additionally, the hourly or weekly base pay offered to the prospective nominee must meet or exceed the prevailing wage (for the Foreign Worker Stream) or entry-level wage (for the International Student with a Job Offer Stream) established by occupation and region on the federal government’s Job Bank website.