My wife and I had been looking for information on how we could live together permanently as she was from the USA and I was a Canadian. We were expecting a child together and we knew that it was in the best interest of our family to be together. As such, I did some research on Google and Jennifer’s website popped up. I saw that she was located nearby and that she had good ratings and I thought I would give her office a try.

I came in for a consultation and could tell that Jennifer was very knowledgeable in this area, and I felt confident that she could handle our case. After taking into account me and my family’s circumstances, she gave us a personalized cost breakdown which helped us very clearly understand where our money would be going.

Hiring Jennifer’s office was a great idea – we had a great experience, and found that they made everything feel quick, easy and efficient. The process was clearly laid out, along with the costs and timing, and we found that we were never left guessing at where we were in the process. We liked how you could tailor your involvement with the office and do more or less to contribute to your file depending on your availability. It made it super helpful for us who were busy with our jobs and our new baby.

We also really appreciated their quick response times – Jennifer would even respond on weekends which we thought was great and unique.

I am thankful that they helped us work through our application and that our family was able to be together in person during the processing of our application – especially since much of the processing took place during COVID-19.

We had a good experience with Jennifer’s office and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking immigration advice!

Chris and Sam