After marrying my wife from Romania, I was looking for help with the process as I’m sure the rules had changed since I myself became a permanent resident many years ago. We wanted to make sure the paperwork and the process was done right.

I read several reviews on Jennifer’s website and saw that her office was really close to my house which was a bonus. My wife was still in Romania at the time, so I decided to come in to see Jennifer. From that first meeting she made me feel very comfortable, and I could tell she was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and I enjoyed our meeting a lot.

Between the meeting and the convenient location of her office, it was an obvious choice to hire her. Plus, her office has parking which is hard to find so close to downtown Kitchener!

Throughout the process Jennifer and her team were very helpful and professional. My wife and I appreciated their kindness, trustworthiness and competency through the whole process. She and her staff were very nice and it was true when they said they were just a phone call away if we had any questions! Although, I don’t recall having very many questions, as they seemed to answer any question we had before we even knew we had it!

If anyone was looking for immigration assistance, we would say go there! We had amazing success with them and they were with us through the entire process and accommodated us along the line. When COVID-19 first hit, a staff member even hand delivered the forms to our home knowing that we didn’t have access to a computer or a printer which was great!

While everyone at the office was helpful, we want to give a special shoutout to Taryn as she was near to us through the entire process. Thank you so much for your help!